The Moore family has been involved in the water well drilling industry since the early 1900’s. The fifth generation drillers are now in the industry. The Family has dealt with new technology in the industry, regarding equipment and drilling techniques, over the years. The family has also experienced the fortunes and misfortunes of the industry. We look back with gratitude at the farming community and what they have meant to us. It feels good to talk to old clients and hear that your father or grandfather had divined and drilled a hole and that they are still pumping from the borehole.


Deon (Snr) is at the helm of the business with Deon (Jnr) specializing as a drill rig operator with a passion to find water and Ruan, a driller in training, is responsible for the workshop, administration and logistics. Harry, the oldest son, was a trainee driller in London and provides advanced training via e-mail to his two younger brothers. New technology is always available.


Our mission is to build on what our fathers have done; upgrading our drilling skills and using advanced technology to drill an affordable borehole without risking the quality construction of the borehole. We strive to succeed in our divining research and Deon (Jnr) with his wonderful gift and brilliant track record for success.


Our vision is to explore the industry in other parts of the country and thereby expanding our business. We aim to provide the same outstanding workmanship as before. Money is a necessity, but the real payment is in the eyes of a satisfied client.

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